Below, we will analyse some of the most popular Roulette Strategies to follow, in order to earn money on the most sought-after casino game.

Over the years, many have tried to come up with ideas to beat the Roulette. Several tactics and strategies have been adopted by players throughout the years, with the aim to beat the house.

Before we go over the basic Roulette Strategies, we must stress that this is a game of chance and that luck is a key factor to winning. Any tactics or strategies are adopted as a means of reducing, if possible, the the luck factor during the game.

Here are some of the most popular Roulette betting systems and strategies, as listed by the team:

1. The Martingale system: The martingale is one of the simplest systems. You place a bet on either red or black, and if you loose you double your bet for the next spin. The idea behind this strategy is that by doubling your bet after every loss, you ensure that the first win would recover all previous losses plus win a profit equal to the original stake. The problem with doubling up the bet over and over again is that you may quickly run out of money or you may hit the table limit and be unable to continue.

2. The D’Alembert system: This is a simple system, popular among novice players. You start by placing your chips directly on the numbers you wish to bet on. If you win, you deduct one chip from the next bet, whereas if you lose, you add one chip to the next bet. This is considered a relatively low risk system.

3. The Fibonacci system: As you can probably guess, the Fibonacci system was named after the famous Fibonacci mathematical sequence. You pick a set of numbers and create a sequence, then work your way through it until you win. If you win, you erase the last two numbers in the sequence, whereas if you lose, you move on to the next number in the sequence. This strategy is better suited for experienced players, as it is quite demanding and difficult to apply.

4. The Pivot system: This system is mostly adopted by beginners. All you have to do is keep track of the winning numbers without placing any bets. Wait for a number to win twice and bet on this number for the next 36 spins, whether it comes up again or not.

5. The Labouchere system: In this system, you create a random series of numbers, then you take the first and the last number of this series and add them together. Your bet is the sum of these two numbers. In case you win, you delete these two numbers and take the new outer numbers of the series and add them together. In case you lose, you note the sum you lost at the end of the series, then you add it to the existing first number of the series.