Bingo is a game of chance played with randomly drawn numbers.

The goal of each player is to match the numbers in their bingo card with the random numbers generated each time. There are two main Bingo types; the 75 Ball Bingo and the 90 Ball Bingo. However, there exist different variations such as the 80 Ball or the 30 Ball Bingo.

Bingo was first introduced in the USA in the early 1930s.

Soon, it gained a huge fan base in both the USA and Europe. It first appeared on the internet in 1996 and, as you would expect, it became particularly popular there as well.

Unlike the conventional mechanical ball draws used for terrestrial Bingo,

a random number generator is used for the online version. Following its introduction in the world of online gaming, Bingo improved significantly, and its development accelerated, as new ways were sought in order to make the game more exciting for players.

In addition to the above, Bingo consists an agent of socialization,

as all rooms are provided with a built-in chat box by the online providers, through which the players can communicate with each other, exchange views and comment on the evolution of the game.

How to play Bingo online

Firstly you have to Register for an online bingo account in bet365. Its something very easy and will take you only about 1-2 minutes. Then you make any deposit you would like and you are ready to play online bingo!
Lets say you open bingo section and you are ready to play. A pop up window will appear and Bingo cards will be available. You could have access to previously called numbers and to the list of online players.

In order to complete the pattern and win the game you have to fill it out with the three cards you will have. After that the system will call out numbers. If a number called matches a square on one of your cards, click on that square.
5Win by matching the designated pattern. Hit the “Bingo” button when one of your cards matches the pattern.

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Some Bingo tips

  • Be sure that you can handle your cards. Play as many cards as you can watch, no more!
  • You can choose high retubale online bingo platforms offering bonus such as bet365 bingo, in order to have an advantage in your game